Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Knock-off El Pollo Loco BBQ Black Beans

I have an confession - I am obsessed with EPL's black beans, I can eat a large container of them for lunch or dinner four out of five days a week, I absolutely love them. I am really monitoring spending nowadays since I have newly become a stay-at-home mommie. This is new to me and took a lot of prayer and faith, I am loving being able to be with my children and I am proud to say I am also back in school.

Back to the El Pollo Loco's lovely food - well the good thing about them is they are in walking distance from my home! I love that place and they pretty much know my order when I arrive. In the past few weeks however, I must admit I have been a little frustrated with EPL... they haven't had any of their BBQ chicken, I mean imagine my disappointment when I couldn't order my beloved 3 piece white meal with double black beans and a loco salad. 

I decided I could do the recipe myself and never have to be frustrated about EPL. I seasoned the chicken with lime and lemon pepper, a bit of garlic powder and a bit of onion powder and let the chicken develop in flavor, I then broiled it on a low temp and added the bbq sauce toward the end of the cooking process. 
Here is the recipe I found for the BBQ Black Beans

Because I am not a canned food kind of girl, I used a package of dried beans, I soaked them over night, then cooked them in water only until tender, I then added the ingredients from the recipe. 

For the spinach salad, I made a balsamic vinaigrette that I go to frequently from Emeril Lagasse. This meal was devoured by my family, I was really pleased with the outcome.

Are there any restaurant recipe's you are able to duplicate for your family?


Mrs. Chic said...

Congrats on going back to school! The meal looks so good, I'm going to make your Panera mac and cheese on Friday night! :)

Our Delightful Home said...

Congrats on your new adventures! I wish you the best of luck with your Endeavors... I will have to put this recipe on my next menu plan list.

Mrs. Delightful

Shades of Summer said...

Katrina -

Thank you! I am trying to trust I made the right decision. I hope you enjoy the mac and cheese and maybe get around to trying this recipe one night also.

Shades of Summer said...

Mrs. Delightful, thank you so very much for the encouragement. Please do let me know if you try the recipe out.