Thursday, August 2, 2012

Working Toward A Big Day

My little guy's big day is just 3 weeks away, I cannot understand where all the time went. He is walking and talking- gosh!! He is such a big boy! I am amazed at all of the things he knows and how curious he is. 

I sent out the invites and people keep calling me about how cute they are
(as previously mentioned in the Planning Another Big Day post, these invites were created by Donna at Swish Designs)
My plan is to glue those little owl's I found at the Hobby Lobby to the party boxes for the young guests.

I decided I would try my hand at this DIY Bubble Gum Machine found on a popular party inspiration site.
**Please excuse the blurry picture, I was so glad to have completed the project I only took a picture on my phone before I put the machines away until the party.

 I have all but taken over the dining room table with my DIY projects for the party.
I picked those large letters up in Hobby Lobby for half off and the quart of Glidden paint you see there is an "oops" custom paint color in simi-gloss from the local Home Depot that didn't work out; I inquired about the paint because of the color and was able to buy it for 2.00 - I hope I get out to the backyard to paint the high chair for the party, if not, the white one has been done for a while and looks pretty good.

(again, please excuse the phone's blurry picture)

I scored that extra large Fiskars "Tag" shape lever punch for a mere 7 bucks at Joann's while I was in Northern California earlier this summer. Those glass cloche cake stands were a must from Hobby Lobby, I have not decided if they will make an appearance at the party but the are awful nice...

The baskets are from Dollar Tree, I decided to make it easy on guests (and myself) and put the cutlery sets together with a ribbon tied napkin. I picked up the napkins and cutlery in packages of 45 from the 99 Cents only store; the ribbon I am using for the party is from Michael's, I took advantage of a 3 spool for 99 cents sale a while back.

I have been cutting for what seems like forever, I love the contrast in the flags for the tent! I am thinking I will string them with the same colored twine for uniformity. I cannot wait to see all of it together. I even tried my first cake banner, I think it may be too wide, but that can easily be fixed for the big day.

And these brownie trifles are a mid-week creation I decided I wanted to add to the table of treat's for my little guy's party. I just made a basic whipped cream, a basic brownie and voila... I was smitten with the presentation. I decided on clear 4oz cups for the party and I found wooden spoons to compliment the cups!

They were delightful! I am thinking about adding a bit of caramel to them for the party...

I still have tons left to do and I am pleased to say I am enjoying everything regarding the party. 

Stay tuned for more details.


Mrs. Chic said...

The party is going to be so cute!!! I love the gumball machines :) they turned out great!!!

Angela said...

WOW!! Asa’a party is going to be fab! I regret not prepping in advance. You’re playing it smart because the day of will be too much of a rush to make the small things just perfect. Can’t wait to see everything!

Brandi said...

Summer, everything looks great. You really put together some cute ideas.

Our Delightful Home said...

Love all of the details... you are doing such a great job.

Mrs. Delightful