Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall (Finally!!!)

Ok - so I can do the happy dance today! For months now (literally), I have been asking my husband to hang a mirror I have owned for about a year now in the family room. In the past three months, there alway seemed to be a reason why the mirror couldn't be hung:

1. A leaking pipe upstairs that leaked down the very wall I wanted the mirror on, which required the ceiling being torn out... Ok, so that was a bit out of our control.
2. Family issues - Also out of our control
3. I had a baby on August 19, 2011
4. Recovery time
5. My fear of mirrors

Honestly the list could go on and on if I let it but the truth of the matter is, it takes very little time to hang a mirror. So one simple four letter word is really keeping things from being done around here - LAZY!

I honestly believe every home should have a vertical hanging mirror to help give character to a space, but also help us see areas we are in question about before we head out the door! Since my space is small, I had to be creative about almost everything in the family room (which is still under construction) because it is narrow. However, its starting to feel more like home with a few simple items.

Here is the space before the mirror:

Not very impressive... I know!

So I want to make this room fun and feel lived in, yet my style and reflect the transition I feel this room lends to the house. I began to look for inspiration for the overall room, as it needs to be functional (sofa sleeper) and comfortably accomodate the household members on a daily basis, and the occasional house guests during entertaining. All things considered, I realized the best place for the mirror was above the sofa - its an open space, its a perfect location for any of us who want to check out our appearance, and it may actually help the room look larger (a major bonus) and less rectangular shaped.

Here is the same space with the mirror on the wall...

A major improvement if I do say so myself...


Mrs. Chic said...

The mirror looks good!! I always love how mirrors make spaces look larger. Looking forward to seeing what else you have planned for your family room.

Shades of Summer said...

Mrs. Chic -
I feel the same way. That mirror was around 20 bucks but the way it brightened up the space...Priceless!