Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a Touch of Love

When we moved in the house in June, I was really trying to think of all the lovely areas I would put pictures. I was especially excited to display some of our recent family pictures throughout the house. I finally got around to developing two sets of pictures, the family pictures and the 1year anniversary pictures my husband and I took last year. I just needed frames so off to Target I went.

Initially I was disappointed, I couldn't find any frames in either silver or white that were marked down. Before giving up, I asked a sales representative if there were any frames on sale. And then I saw them... on an end cap waiting just for Asa (my baby boy) and I to run over to them... Here's what I got!!!

(5) 4 x 6 Silver frames - They are HEAVY!!! Sooo nice and the best part... 75% off the original price of 9.99 each... I paid 2.48 cents each for these frames!!!! That's right, I got all 5 of them for a little over what one would have cost me full price.

(4) 5 x 7 Silver frames - Same brand and even more heavy than the others... These babies were also 75% off the original price... I paid 3.48 for them. The original price 12.99!!! Can you say D-E-A-L? Again, I paid for four of these what I would have for just one and tax!

(1) 5 X 7 White frame - These frames are the RE Essentials brand from Target, not as heavy but a great price! 1.79 marked down from 5.99!!! 75% off.

(3) 4 x 6 White frames - Also the Target RE Essentials brand, 1.49 each marked down from 4.99!!! 75% off.

So now that you know what I picked up, I can let you see the first space to meet my new frames and pictures I recently developed.

Here it is in all its drab, sad, eyesore greatness... This is the space between two linen closets at the very top of the staircase in my home.

Not very impressive, I know...

Since I shop my "junk collections" or "great items, waiting to be displayed" sections of my garage before I go to the stores to buy anything, I went on a treasure hunt. Then it hit me... I had a nice, never used gift from our wedding in the garage just looking for a home... the "Happily Ever After" wooden plaque would be perfect for the space.

I rushed to put pictures of my daughters, step-son, husband and myself, daughters and myself and a family picture in the new frames... I grabbed my hammer and a couple nails and --- drum roll please..... Taaadaaa!

Please excuse the glare on this one...

Now instead of a blank, dreary eyesore... a lovely bit of us greets you at the top of the stairs!


Our Delightful Home said...

Beautiful family! I love the frames.

~Mrs. Delightful

Mrs. Chic said...

Great choice in frames!! The family picutres look great, what a sweet place to put them

Shades of Summer said...

Mrs. Delightful - Thank you! I was so pleased with the way the pictures turned out.

Mrs. Chic - I love the frames, Target was a great place to shop that day!