Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Singing the Praises of Target

For some of us, Black Friday stirs up lots of excitement and determination to grab the best deals. I have to admit, not me... I have never been out shopping on Black Friday because I am intimidated by the crowds. Well imagine my surprise when my dear friend Katrina from Chic Little House, sent me a text on Black Friday with the following message:

"Hi! I hope you're doing well, Target has sewing machines - Singer on sale for under 65.00! (:0)"

Of course, I almost fell out of my seat, the only thing that kept me from doing so, Asa was nursing! I replied right back to Katrina, I could hardly spell my sentence properly. I ran to the freezer, grabbed a bag of expressed milk (because I had to get to the store- and I am sure my son wondered what I was doing), hollered at the top of my lungs to Jai to get dressed and not to forget to brush her teeth (keep in mind, she was still asleep) and we were off! I sent text  messages to Katrina the entire time, since my husband was driving...

Within 20 minutes of receiving Katrina's text, I was at my local Target and unfortunately, I was too late. I immediately sent Katrina a text "They are sold out... I want to cry". Katrina, the eternal optimist replied, "Have them call another store and hold one for you" at the very same moment I was asking an associate to call... So I locate the machine at a store two cities away (a short trip on the interstate) with only ONE MACHINE LEFT - I didn't get the name of the associate or anything; I was barking out my name and that I would be right there. I dashed to the car, told my husband where we needed to go, then he did the unthinkable... HE GOT ON THE WRONG INTERSTATE ON RAMP...!!! I was livid - we were going in the wrong direction and the traffic was at a stand still! I sent Katrina yet another text, lets just say I cannot quote that one, but I was a very angry woman. 

Eventually, we wound up at the right store and my precious machine was waiting in the customer service area.  I could not be more pleased with my purchase:

Image found on target.com weekly ad for 11/25 - 11/26

Here is my receipt... I am thrilled beyond words!

 From there, the day got even better! My amazon.com shipment arrived and my sewing machine how-to
guide also arrived thanks to Katrina (aka Mrs. Chic at Chic Little House) again, she suggested the book on her blog): 

$10.00 on amazon.com 

Cover Image

I called my cousin in Baton Rouge, Louisiana shortly after I arrived back home to tell her about the machine. She is also eager to learn to sew. Since I had already been through the motions of not being able to locate the machine, I advised her to call the stores local to her first.  The stores were out but advised her the trucks come nightly and she was able to get her machine when the store opened on Saturday 11/26/11... needless to say, she also ordered the book from Amazon.com

I am so excited! I am already working on lessons after the holidays. 

Did anyone else score any great deals that made them excited on Friday? 


Brandi said...

That's awesome Summer! I'm so glad you were able to get your sewing machine at such a great price! Hi five to Katrina!!

Shades of Summer said...

High Five is right! I have to make space for a sewing table... I've got a space in mind, not sure how the guests would feel about it though - LOL!

Mrs. Chic said...

I'm so freaking happy for you!! Singer is such a good brand, and I see Martha's happy face on the box so how could you go wrong! :) Such a good deal on the sewing machine and book!

Very cool you cousin also got the same machine and book!! :)

Shades of Summer said...

Thanks so much again my friend!

Carli said...

Great deal!!!! I am so in need of a new sewing machine! I learned to sew taking a class at Joann's-my first project was a pair of pajama pants, lol. I look forward to seeing your first sewing project!

Shades of Summer said...

Carli! I am so excited. I hope you find a great deal also, I will be posting soon about my transformation space I have now dedicated as my sewing room. My fist project is a pillow. I'm hoping for the best.

Our Delightful Home said...

That is an amazing price for a Singer!! I am so happy for you:). I purchased my first sewing machine this year (I was trying to hold out for Black Friday, but was too eager). I am looking forward to your sewing projects.

PS: I could imagine what you texted to Katrina:). I know the feeling…

~Mrs. Delightful

Shades of Summer said...

Mrs. Delightful - I am sooo excited! I actually found a desk that I am going to make my sewing table! I know you made panels already for your tween's room. I cannot wait to make something for my girls! I lost my religion when my hubby went the wrong way -