Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Change is a GOOD Thing!

With so many changes in my life, I have a lot to keep me busy. Both of my daughters are graduating from school this summer and heading on to the next phases. My oldest daughter is off to college and my middle child is headed to high school. My darling baby is rapidly becoming an independent toddler and I see how much change has happened in just one year. Having so many changes in their lives is keeping me busy, however having time to reflect and concentrate has allowed me to focus on what the next phase in our lives should look like. One of the first steps in getting myself and the children situated was locating new housing. Here is the floor plan of our new apartment home.

                                           Family Room
Apartments Communities in Atlanta

I am so excited about the amount of space we will have! We will have a 1785 square foot apartment home to make new memories and grow in. My goal of home ownership as a single woman is still very much in the plan, however I have to be fair to my pocket and work on some regrouping; so that when I do purchase my home, I am not only pleased about the purchase, but pleased with my pocket book. In the meantime, my children and I can enjoy the apartment and have some fun doing projects around the house, I am so excited to decorate!  
With so much space, I decided to really let my creative juices flow! 
(on a budget of course) I decided to start in the room that will have the most traffic,

Here is the plan for the family room:

Tons of light both natural and light brought in with colors that feel free and clean. I plan to have several pieces from local thrift stores such as an ottoman I refinished, a side table and chair that have all been re-purposed specifically for the family room.
Here are the fabrics I will make into pillows for the sofa.

1. Premier Prints Lulu Stripe Slub Yellow/Taupe    2.Waverly Lovely Lattice Sateen Aqua

3.Premier Prints Towers Dossett Mandarin Turquoise
1. Premier Prints Lulu Stripe Slub Yellow/Taupe 2. Waverly Lovely Lattice Sateen Aqua 3. Premier Prints Towers Dossett Mandarin Turquoise

I decided to do something I never do, go wild with color. I must admit, I love earth tones and muted colors, I have always decorated with neutral tones that were comfortable to me. I have been working on doing things I have never done before, so decor was no exception! I decided to go with Aqua/Teal and mustard with taupe shades because I thought they felt the most awake and alive and would inspire me to do more in the family room. A couple weekends ago, I was in Home Goods and decided to walk over to Hobby Lobby, I am so glad I did. I picked up two canvas prints that confirmed my color scheme. I felt more confident about tying everything together in the family room.

I am going to play it safe and get a comfy sofa that is child friendly and dress it up with my pillows, here are two of the options I love for the sofa:

HOVÅS Sofa IKEA Easy to keep clean with a removable,machine washable cover.
1. EKTORP Sofa, Risane beige  2. HOVÅS Sofa, Gräddö off-white

I was inspired to create wall art for the family room also - since my goal is to create things and enjoy the process of making things for my home, I decided I will put more energy into making the apartment feel designed for me; I want to feel excited about coming home and being in my apartment. I cannot wait to complete this project, I already purchased the spray paint and canvas

Personalised Truly Madly Deeply Canvas  by Gorgeous Graffiti.  $512.25  #WeddingRegistryApp

To add storage to the family room, I wan to put two book cases side-by-side on the wall opposite the fireplace to the left. I plan to paint the backing of the cases or if I am lucky enough to find fabric, I will cover them for a little extra umph! I don't plan on making a big fuss about an expense like this since I am experimenting with fabric and color so I will probably go with this book case from Walmart.


I am so very excited about the new adventure my children and I are about to embark upon! I cannot wait to see the look  on their faces when we relocate and have so much space to enjoy ourselves in. I look forward to making things for my home, I am enjoying the process of re-writing my life story.

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Brandi said...

I love your ideas, Summer! You have so much space in your new apt. I know how excited you are about the changes in your life!!

Mrs. Chic said...

So very happy for you! And I'm thrilled you'll have a new place to call home and make all yours :) Congrats on your next chapter :)

Our Delightful Home said...

Awesome ideas!! Congrats on this next chapter in your life...looking forward to seeing pictures of the family room :).

Mrs. Delightful