Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 Things I am Grateful For:

1.       Healthy Children; Even if they are working on my last nerve by not keeping their rooms clean or doing things when I ask, I am grateful to be able to look into my children’s faces every day. I know that some other parents around the world are not as fortunate.

2.       Having a stable job- I work for the County of Riverside, I see persons come in everyday from all walks of life, who are at the point of desperation and applying for public assistance, I know all about that life, I was once on aid myself. I am grateful to have the job I have, the experiences I have had at this office and the experiences I will have to come.

3.       Friends who love me – I am grateful to have friends who love and support me, especially through a dark period in my life. This transition is a big step for me; a lot of my life is hanging in the balance of starting over. I am grateful to have friends who support me as I travel through this phase.

4.       Birds singing when I wake up: Where would I be without the constant reminder of a new day? I am so grateful to God that he sends a constant reminder of a fresh new start right outside my window every day.

5.       A mind to pray- I am so grateful for the training I received as a child, the love and devotion for the Lord that I saw from my elders, teachers, relatives and friends. I have learned to pray constantly, no matter what/when or where. When I am really troubled, I pray, when I am really happy, I pray, when I am lonely, I pray and when I am discouraged, I pray. I learned all of these things through examples from others and I am grateful for that.

6.       My son’s smile: Nothing brightens my day more than seeing my son smile at me. He is so little and so innocent, I adore his happy little outlook on things and his eagerness to give me kisses and hugs when I come in a room or just because. He really brightens my day!

7.       A positive outlook: There are days when I am worried about everything, I worry about bills, my children, my ability to care for them to the caliber of my liking, my ability to see this transition in my life to its completion, knowing that there is better for us on the other side, I am glad to have the ability to look on the bright side, even if at first, I may not believe there is one.

8.       Music: These days, I listen to a lot of music. I listen to whatever is going to work for me, songs or albums that stir up nostalgia, or songs that are new and really resonate with me, I am listening for hope, I am listening for love, I am listening for motivation. I am grateful have the pleasure of listening to music.

9.       Opportunities for change: I am grateful that life doesn’t require that you stick to one thing, or stay in one lane, life is meant to be lived and I am working on living it more fully and completely, so that I may find what joy there is for me.

10.   Time: While it seems time passes by so quickly, I am grateful to have time to enjoy my children, learn to know and love myself more, learn to trust again, learn to love more deeply and find love in my own life again.

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