Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Craigslist Must Have

Craigslist is a favorite of many friends of mine, I have only purchased once from the site, I got a heck of a deal on a glider cradle for my son for 50.00 and when I got the cradle home, I looked up the retail price... $300.00 - Whats more, the couple never used it! 

Needless to say I was pleased - Now I have my sights on something else... I hope to purchase these two lovely pieces:

Gorgeous Solid Wood Desk and Matching Credenza. Great Preowned Condition. Asking $280 for both pieces. Call or text if interested. 

Desk 83.5x42x29

Credenza 87x20x29

image 1

I can just see these two wonderful pieces of furniture painted either white or something exciting like teal or even a shade of tangerine. What would I be doing with such large furniture you might ask?

image 2

Very shortly, I will be decorating my very own office space, I am going into business with another young entrepreneur, I am so excited about my business venture and praying I make a difference in the lives of the clients I hope to service very shortly. I am sure this desk and credenza will help me think clearly and creatively.

image 3

Wish me luck on the purchase, I hope the seller still has it -


Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

Oh man I would love that for my office as well! And I say teal:) Good luck on your new business venture!

Our Delightful Home said...

Wishing you the best of luck with your business adventure! I hope they still have it :)

~Mrs. Delightful

Carsedra said...

Summer thank you for visiting my blog and following me! I just checked out your blog and I love the things you have posted. Your DIY projects turn out beautifully and your recipes look wonderful! I tell myself all the time I'm going to try some DIY furniture projects but haven't yet, one day I will!!

I am now following.

Carsedra of:

Mrs. Chic said...

The desk and credenza are both lovely pieces!! My gut is saying go tangerine!! and maybe highlight the top with a white inside border!! Congrats on your business, I know it will be stressful.

Shades of Summer said...

Latoya - I am really feeling teal - I just need to make sure whatever color I go with can be complimented with the other colors I want in the office: grey's, black, white, tangerine and of course teal.

Mrs. Delightful - thank you soo much for the well wishes on the business. I am eager to get into the office and get the ball rolling.

Carsedra - Welcome to the blog and thank you soo much for joining me. I am sure you will be great at DIY projects and revamping furniture.

Mrs. Chic - thank you for the well wishes on the business. I like tangerine also, I think it will make the room more vibrant and fun. I am definitely going with either that or teal.