Friday, March 9, 2012

And the Winner IS....

 (someone forgot to charge the batteries for her camera ~ thank goodness for camera phones)

I wish I could say that it took me a long time to decide on which KitchenAid mixer to return, I wish I could say I struggled with sending the mixer back considering how long I wanted one and just how much joy seeing the mixer arrive at my home gave me. I would be telling a really tall tale if I said either of those things - truth is... The decision was a really EASY one to make once the second mixer arrived! 

Here are the Pro's to the Tangerine/Glass 325 watt Bowl Mixer:
Well lets just face it, I mean it has a glass bowl. Really easy to look at and more updated style in my opinion.
I love that the mixer is the size I am used to seeing everywhere, and at 20+ pounds, believe me the weight is impressive. These mixers take up lots of space!
The color is a real hint of pop and I really wanted to have some color in my kitchen, this finish is soothing and bright at the same time, I am glad I never ordered a Persimmon finish, it would have been too much color I think.

I honestly was ready to keep the Tangerine mixer until the Almond Professional Mixer arrived. 

Pro's of the 5 quart Bowl Lift Professional 450 watt Mixer:
I adore the color, more than I thought I would actually - it is very soothing to me which I think will make me want to bake even more. I have already determined my mixer is a girl, she doesn't have a name yet LOL!
The bowl lift is amazing, this mixer is much taller than the standard mixer by KitchenAid, however, you can adjust the height (How COOL is that???) 
I actually really like the white finish on the attachments - the Tangerine mixer came with the exact same attachments, however, they were not finished in a particular color and were a lighter weight material (I assume because the bowl is glass)
This mixer weighs even more than the Tangerine mixer, which gives me pause because I will have to get help to lift it and clean etc. I do however feel the size vs.the price is totally worth it!

I will be using my mixer for the first time this weekend, I am making Key Lime Pie for the first time and I am very excited. 


Carsedra said...

Don't you just love Kitchen Aid mixers!! Redd (what I call mine) is the BEST!!!

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Mrs. Chic said...

I lot it! You do a ton of baking so the professional mixer is the way to go!! Perfect Choice :)

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