Thursday, October 13, 2011

She was a Good Deal!

Several Months ago, I wandered into the local Goodwill, just hoping to find something that I may be able to transform. To my delight, I happened upon a lamp for 7.50! It had a neat shade, for the time being, but the real thrill was the height and the shape of the lamp. I primed it, thinking I would paint it white or gold... then I realized, maybe I should hold off on painting it. The lamp was in the garage, virtually neglected until I decided to transform my bedroom into a more welcoming space. 

So I have plans to change my color scheme in my bedroom and give it a real boost by doing the following:

Paint the lamp navy blue
Paint the secretary navy blue
Select fabric for the curtain panels
Select fabric for the bed (I gave making my own headboard a lot of thought but changed my mind)
Paint the side table Ivory Snow (?)
Create an art/picture gallery
Make pillows
Find a neat chair for secretary

So here is the first item off my list... I must admit I LOVE this! Not to mention I was in Target yesterday evening and saw smaller lamp bases very similar to this one selling for 14.99 or 24.99 and of course, you still have to buy the shade.

I used two products on the lamp by Glidden, the Grey Primer and the new Doors and Trim product which I absolutely adore, its thick, doesn't run, dries super smooth, and doesn't have a strong, potent smell.

Here is the primed white version

Primed one coat of Grey

 Here is the Glidden Paint

 And the finished product


Mrs. Chic said...

Its super glossy, love that!! It looks cute, I like the shade it looks linen? Very nice.

I will have try out that paint, on my to do list is touch paint our baseboards

Brandi said...

I love that shade of blue. It looks very nice paired with your shade! Well done!!!

Our Delightful Home said...

What a steal! I love the color, the finish product is beautiful.

~Mrs. Delightful

Shades of Summer said...

Mrs.Chic, the shade is linen and lined. It's actually quite heavy. I looove this paint, you will be pleased with it as a baseboard trim.

Shades of Summer said...

Brandi! Thank you so much, I could tell I was going to love the finished product before the paint dried.

Shades of Summer said...

Mrs. Delightful, Thank you! I cannot believe the steal, especially when Target almost made me pass out looking at their price for the base. I'm sure you will see them on your next visit down the lamp aisle.

Towards the Horzon said...

Love the lamp! It’s really pretty. Thanks for commenting on my blog because I was able to find yours :)

Shades of Summer said...

And thank you for posting and joining! I really enjoy your Gbabe and your blog!

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

I love the color! Good transformation!

Shades of Summer said...

Latoya! Thanks for posting. I'm glad you like it, I'm more fond of it every day.