Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing the Mark (Part 1)

I was looking for some fabric to update a chair I got from the Salvation Army. I love this little chair, and it will sit beneath a tree that I had made in memory of my "Nannie" (I will take pictures of the tree as soon as I get it).

    Here is the chair I bought for 18.50! 

My plan is to sand the arms and legs and paint it a dark shade of gray or black, to enhance the fabric

I bought this fabric for 6.99 a yard, I love the butterflies

I thought the colors in this fabric were pretty, 

This was really pretty to me... 
Although all of these fabrics are beautiful, none of these were the "right" look.

So, the search continues... I think I may have found some online

1 comment:

Mrs. Chic said...

Great deal on the chair it will look cute painted, the rolling feet are also a nice touch. I could see it updated nicely with pretty casters.

I agree there's better fabric out there for the chair, but I LOVE fabric # 2 :)