Monday, September 17, 2012

Visions of Lovely - Part Two

I have been having such a lovely time planning the new home decor, I came up with this bedroom for my daughter "Jai" she is all about color and since I have little say in her room anymore, color it is!

Here are the ideas for "Jai's" new room

BIRKELAND 6-drawer dresser IKEA Extra roomy drawers. Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop.EKNE Mirror IKEA Can be hung horizontally or vertically. Safety film  reduces damage if glass is broken.BILLY/BENNO Bookcase combination/CD/DVD shelves IKEA
"Jai currently has a lovely white metal bed from Ikea, I got it for her last year for her birthday, much to my surprise, I have been informed she loves a tufted bed... I am sure I can use the bed elsewhere at another time. I did find some lovely tufted beds for "Jai to choose from.
EKTORP JENNYLUND Chair IKEA Easy to keep clean with a removable,machine washable cover.Skyline Furniture Tufted High Arch Bed in Wood Rose
Lots of white accents since I do still have some say so in her room. I will put a throw on the chair and make a few pillows for her ottoman which will more than likely serve as a bench at the foot of her bed.
LENDA Pair of curtains with tie-backs IKEA The curtains let the daylight through but reduce direct sunlight. Tab heading works on curtain rods.Athena White Finish Nightstand KLABB Table lamp IKEA Fabric shade gives a diffused and decorative light.

Lovely nightstands, lamps that add a bit of contemporary edge and curtain panels that will be spruced up to complement her room a bit!

Premier Prints Twill Ozborne Girly Blue
Premier Prints ZigZag Twill Storm
Premier Prints ZigZag Chartreuse/White

Yard Sale Summer Paisley Multi

Here are the fabric options for the room, the paisley pattern will be the duvet, all accenting fabrics will be used for pillows, throws and furniture accents. I plan to make a cute fabric board for "Jai" to put on her wall and I hope to find really nice rugs to compliment her style. I will be making fabric purchases first, since those online deals have so much to offer.