Friday, September 28, 2012

A Love of My Own

For YEARS now, I have been stalking decor magazines searching for the perfect "dream kitchen" that I was determined to one day have in my home... My search was all but all consuming, even if I had no finances to put a kitchen in place. I have found some kitchens that can be done (or at least I hope so) in a smaller kitchen that make me smile.

I love this kitchen, it has all the elements I want in my own space, the only thing missing would be subway tile... I simply must have a tile backs plash in my kitchen.

I found all the elements I wanted in this kitchen, its bright, has black countertops and subway tile. I kept searching and found the kitchen I knew would work for me.


And here it is! Somehow, I will make this kitchen a reality for my home.   

I love every single aspect of this kitchen, I am sure I will have to find a way to incorporate a small peninsula into the kitchen, as I am looking for a townhome, but I simply must have appliances, cabinets, faucets, tile and flooring that come really close to this design. I now must begin my pricing mission for similar items in this kitchen.